Honestly what is so great about flush toilets?

The white porcelain only looks OK if you have perfect water, that is before you mix it with dead intestinal bacteria, urine, virus, parasites, paper with chemicals from the recycling process.

Make this experiment… what do you see?
Now imagine that all except the rim was black. And now you wouldn’t see the brown stain at the bottom… what is preferable? To see nothing or to see something not very ??
I can imagine that the battle is between your curiosity and your gratefulness over being spared something gross… or is it?
If you knew for sure that there wasn’t anything, you wouldn’t be surprised by black but is the uncertainty enough to make you wonder …
Now imagine that the wellbeing of the planet depended on being able to prefer not seeing anything does that change the preferences?
This is in fact a real dilemma because I would ask you what is it that almost everybody goes for the white porcelain… is that the power of HABIT of expectation or what is it?

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